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Members shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times whilst on the premises of the Rye RSL.

Any conduct deemed unacceptable may result in suspension or loss of membership as per the Constitution of the League and at the discretion of the Committee of Management.


  • Foul or abusive language.
  • Menacing behaviour towards other members, guests or staff.
  • Refusal to leave the premises when legally requested or, having done so, attempt to re-enter.
  • Over indulgence of alcohol (Staff have the right to refuse service to a member or guest according to the ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ guidelines).


  • A member is responsible for the behaviour of any guest he/she may bring onto the premises.
  • A member will be held responsible for any damage to club property by themselves, their guests or children thereof.
  • Children in the Bistro must be supervised by a member or guest at all times.


The following garments are deemed inappropriate for a Private Club and Management reserves the right to decide on entry.

Torn shorts/jeans, Short shorts, Singlets (men), Inappropriate footwear, Offensive logos/slogans, Hats (men & women).


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