RYE RSL Sub Branch 

       Phone: (03) 5985 2595
           5 -11 Nelson Street, Rye, Victoria. 3941.




Rye RSL Special General Meeting

will be held
Sunday 26th November - 10.30am in Stoney's Room.

A special general meeting is to be held to vote on a
special resolution covering the amendments made to
Branch Bylaw 10A as consequential amendments agreed
amendments from the remits approved at State Conference
2017 in relation to changes to the State Rules, and also
further to any amendments agreed by the State Executive.

The amendments are in part necessary to achieve
consistency between the new RSL Constitution and the
State Branch Rules.  The key changes are to references and in
areas of disciplinary processes/penalities and dispute
resolution/mediation arrangements.  The amendments now
need to be attended  by amending our rules.

It is part of the requirement of being a Chartered RSL Sub-
Branch that we comply with and reflect, Branch Bylaw 10A.

The special resolution as per the Omnibus Motion requres a
majority of 75% of persons attending the meeting to approve it.

Only Life Members, Service Members and Affiliate members are
entitled to vote.

Agenda:  Only business to be discussed is the Omnibus Motion
regarding change of rules.




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